Campus de bureaux, Colombes

The site is a future landmark for the entrance of the City of Colombes, when driving from the A86 Highway. Together with ChartierDalix Architectes, we chose to avoid the local model of great business center of the neighborhood : hence the volumes helps the Campus to be an urban linkage. Its porosities create forecourts, visible and accessible from the outside.
Planted terraces, as well as the central yard, are shared, modular spaces. The building base is dedicated to services.

Colombes (92)
8 immeubles de bureaux, socles de services, pôle de mobilité, terrasses jardins accessibles
AG Real Estate
Hardel Le Bihan Architectes, ChartierDalix architectes associés, EVP (structure), EPPAG (HQE), EGIS (fluides), TN+ (paysagiste), AEU (écologie urbaine)
Surface area
78 000 m2
HQE bâtiment durable 2016, niveau Exceptionnel, Leed Building Design + construction v4, Core & Shell niveau Gold, Well, Core & Shell, niveau Silver
Architectural team
Project manager(s)
Antoine Decourt
Campus Colombes In progress Office

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