Reconversion bureaux-logements, Courbevoie

The site is occupied by buildings with large surface areas that can be appropriated, with real constructive qualities, both in terms of infrastructure and superstructure. The project includes solutions for rehabilitating as much as possible of the buildings that can be rehabilitated, by deconstructing sparingly and building with great economy of means. Most of the existing office space has been restructured to offer a wide variety of housing types (coliving, young workers' residences, LLI, free housing), and an active first floor to serve the neighbourhood. To free up the land and develop a large central garden, the project organizes a reasoned density where the existing and the project combine their qualities. Renovated, transformed or new, volumes and surfaces interact with each other, and functionalities serve each other around the park.

Courbevoie (92)
Transformation of offices into housing
Hardel Le Bihan Architectes mandataires, Alain Barthe Architecture (associated architect ), Bassinet Turquin (landscape), EVP (structure), Innovations Fluides, Casso (préventionniste)
Surface area
20 400 m² (student housing 6 100 m², housing 5 900 m², medical center 1 200 m², coworking 1 000 m², coliving 2 900 m², fablab 1 500 m², brasserie 700 m²)
En études, chantier fin 2024
stone, mixt structure timber & concrete
NF Habitat HQE, Breeam, BBCA, Smartscore, BiodiverCity
Architectural team
Project manager(s)
Alberto Sacca
Fanny Guillou
Coliving Courbevoie En études Etudiants Logement Mixte Réhabilitation

Coliving et bureaux Cesson-Sévigné

2020 Cesson-Sévigné Coliving Mixed use Office

Logements coliving Montpellier

Coliving Housing In progress Montpellier Prefabrication Timber construction