High-rise office building Paris

The project to transform this high-rise building, located Rue de la Tombe Issoire in Paris, seized the opportunity of the asbestos being removed, for an overall revision of the way the building was used. The facade of its base has been brought into scale with the rest of the building. It has been stretched to double height, serving as a protective screen for the Japanese garden that has been made at the corner of the two roads. The ground floor has been entirely rethought. The entrance is part of a fluid distribution that runs from the forecourt right into the centre of the building. Off the reception is a meeting room overlooking the garden, and a lounge area that manages the transition between the exterior and interior.
In plan, the office areas are now open floor plates, flexible and modular, around a restructured central core; the landings are naturally lit; circulation has been optimised, gaining 100m² on each level; a peripheral walkway has made it possible to incorporate internal solar shading and for facade maintenance without the need for a cradle system.
On the third floor, part of the surface area originally destined for traditional offices has been transformed into a co-working space, opening onto a terrace on the same level. By optimising services, a terrace on the 12th floor has also been freed up and enlarged, providing 360° views over the rooftops of Paris.

27-29 rue de la Tombe Issoire, Paris 14
Restructuration of an high-rise office building from the 1960s. Creation of a coworking space, a fitness and a café
SCI ACM Tombe Issoire
Hardel Le Bihan Architectes (Raoul Collados team leader)
Surface area
11 150 m² + 310 m² of outdoor spaces
Completed in 2021. Feasibility 2016, construction starting nov 2018
Prefabricated concrete, enamelled glass, sheet steel
sustainable building (HQE Exceptionnel)
Architectural team
Project manager(s)
Raoul Collados
Thomas Mennesson (faisabilité), Claudia Etève (études), Fanny Von Marx (études)
2021 High-rise building Office Paris Renovation

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