Sport facilities and housing, Paris

'Sport, Nature and Timber', the winning project of the 'Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris' competition in October 2017, is about winning back the urban environment, part of a larger move to transform Paris's ring road, the Boulevard Périphérique. In a response to the anarchic jumble of very different types of infrastructure and constructions, the project marries a diversity of different uses with volumetric simplicity and architectonic sobriety. It creates a visual breathing space to position the relationship of the passer-by with the city, making the Porte Brancion a real place, urban and human.
The three buildings – student lodgings, a residence for young workers and a sports facility – dialogue to recreate, within a classical orthogonal plan, a kind of inwardness that serves as a quality public space, functional and calm. Multi-orientated metropolitan interface, the open architecture dialogues with its surroundings and renders the communal uses within each building visible to the outside world.

Porte Brancion, Paris 15
student housing, residence for young workers, sports facility, retail, urban agriculture, 25 parking spaces
Woodeum SAS
Hardel Le Bihan Architects (Clément Bertin project leader), Terrell (structure), Pouget Consultants (sustainability), Le Sommer Environnement, Aïda (acoustics)
Surface area
10 575 m²
competition winner October 2017. Completion 2022
timber (structure, ceilings and partitions), anodised aluminium sheet, enamelled ceramic, glass
'BBCA' low-carbon building, Plan Climat de la Ville de Paris
Housing In progress Low carbon Mixed use Paris Social housing Sport Students Timber construction

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