Village des médias, JOP2024, Dugny

The Media Village will host the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, with accommodation for journalists and technicians from all over the world; and then 350 housing units. Coordinator of sector A, Hardel Le Bihan orchestrated the principles of organization, composition and materiality. The site is marked by a variation in height of approximately 7.50 m between the bottom of the slope and the plateau. The practice is creating the 150 housing units of lot A2: three buildings, 16 meters thick, each cut into three epanelled volumes (R+2 to R+6) to sequence the 48 to 60 m long lines. A first building is inserted in the slope and marks the entrance of the new district with its stepped profile. Facing the unobstructed views of the park, the horizontal register of the facade is translated by prefabricated bands in white precast concrete. The other two buildings also have a flush design, to which is added an offset of the volume in plan. The projecting cornices, precast in concrete, serve as window sills. Loggias and double frames in buffering of bays animate the facades. Almost all the dwellings have a double orientation with a corner living room extended by an outdoor space.

Aire des Vents, Dugny (93)
350 logements en accessions et sociaux (151 logements Hardel Le Bihan), résidences gérées, cabinet médical, crèche, salle de sport, espace culturel, commerces
Sogeprom, Demathieu Bard Immobilier
Hardel Le Bihan Architectes coordinateur du secteur A, Bathilde Millet, Bourbouze Graindorge (architectes de lots), Sébastien Sosson (paysagiste)
Surface area
26 500 m² (Hardel Le Bihan 10 680 m²)
En chantier, livraison 2024 (phase JO), 2025 (phase héritage)
béton poncé (socles), enduits épais à la chaux (étages), menuiseries bois, volets roulants alu, persiennes métalliques et stores en toile
BEE Standard, E3C1, BiodiverCity
Architectural team
Project manager(s)
Raoul Collados (concours, études, chantier)
Pauline Barraud (études), Laura Belin (chantier), Barbara Prats (concours, études), Charlotte Couderc (concours, études)
2024 Coordination Dugny (93) Housing Paris 2024 Prefabrication

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