Montparnasse by Nouvelle AOM

Nouvelle AOM is the collective created in June 2016 to enter the international Demain Montparnasse competition.  Formed of the association of the founders of three separate Parisian practices (Franklin Azzi Architecture, Chartier Dalix and Hardel Le Bihan Architectes), it is a new, independent entity, working in collaboration with a team of highly qualified, Paris-based consultants, including Setec, T/E/S/S and Elioth.
Three studios, because the associates felt that the Montparnasse Tower deserved a collaborative design, that it must be the reflection of multiple entities.
The name refers to AOM, the collective of architects who designed the original tower, which was built in 1973: Agence Architecturale pour l'Opération Maine-Montparnasse, made up of Eugène Beaudoin, Urbain Cassan, Louis-Gabriel de Hoÿm de Marien and Jean Saubot.
The architects of Nouvelle AOM are of the same generation as the tower, grew up in the neighbourhood. In October 2016, finalists selected out of 700 candidates, they brought together a team of about 50 people on the 44th floor of the tower to form a laboratory of design and research, producing models on site, working, collaboratively, on the project for the tower they dreamed of for Montparnasse.


33, avenue du Maine, Paris 15
office building, business center, hotel, restaurants, stores, sky greenhouse
Client project manager
Nouvelle AOM (Franklin Azzi, Chartier Dalix, Hardel Le Bihan Architects), SETEC (general engineering), T/E/S/S (facades), Elioth (sustainability), GV Ingenierie (quantity surveyor)
construction site start on 2024, delivery on 2028
Architectural team
Phase concours : Antoine Decourt, Simon Ferre, Jonathan Leroy
Co-conception High-rise building In progress Low carbon Mixed use Natural ventilation Paris Renovation Urban farming

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